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Cheryl Hewitt

Cheryl Hewitt, RMT

Qualifications and Benefits!

  •  Registered Massage Therapist
  •  Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist
  •  Qualified and Registered for Insurance Claims
  •  Gift Certificates are available!
  •  Much Much More…

Cheryl Hewitt has been a massage therapist since 2001.  She received her certification and graduated with honours from Mount Royal College, Calgary in 2002. Cheryl is trained in relaxation, therapeutic deep tissue massage and Cheryl is also a Certified Onsen Techniques Therapist. This therapy uses Osteopathic techniques to ensure the body is structurally and functionally in a state of balance.  As a therapist Cheryl strives to educate others about the benefits of massage and the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Some Benefits of

Registered Massage Therapy

Learn some BENEFITSof Massage Therapy

  •  Increases your body self awareness and sensitivity
  •  Reduces your stress, tension and anxiety levels
  •  Calms the nervous system and has a centering/balancing effect
  •  Relaxes, focuses and clears your mind
  •  Helps to improve and maintain your posture
  •  Reduces and breaks down adhesions (knots) and fibrosis
  •  Stretches your connective tissue
  •  Helps to re-establish your proper muscular tone
  •  Reduces your muscle and soft tissue pain
  •  Supports increased work capacity and encourages your metabolism
  •  Helps to prevent muscular atrophy (wasting from injury and paralysis)
  •  Increases both your venous and lymphatic flow
  •  Can reduce nerve root compression caused by muscular tension
  •  Helps reduce nerve entrapment through the release of soft tissue or muscular binding
  •  Increases the action of the heart, stimulating the blood flow to and from the lungs, helping with the elimination of waste and the absorption of oxygen

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Cheryl Hewitt Massage Therapy


30 or 45 Minute Massage

A good quick fix, a 30 minute appointment allows our therapist to focus on 1 or two of your most urgent therapy needs

60 Minute Massage

Our most popular session length, the 60 minute massage allows your therapist a large amount of time to address your highest priority issues. If you’re looking for a more in depth full-body session, consider a 90.

90 Minute Massage

Get the most out of your visit with a 90 minute massage. If you’re in need of a full body massage, this is the best way to ensure that we can approach more of your body, all in one visit.

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Welcome to my new website! With exciting new certifications and growth on the horizon, I thought it might be time to do something with my website. So here we go! Don’t forget I’m always here to answer questions regarding your health, and get yourse...

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